Quick-supply global market with Premium and Cost-effective products.

HIGER: Embracing the Spirit of “Xu Huai Ruo Gu”

HIGER, a brand deeply rooted in the Chinese idiom “Xu Huai Ruo Gu” exemplifies the virtue of being open-minded, akin to the vast depths of a valley.

In a world driven by the rapid pace of technology and human ingenuity, we recognize the coexistence of both opportunities and challenges.

Over the past decade, HIGER has embraced an open-minded approach, continuously making strides in fashion design, cutting-edge manufacturing, expert salesmanship, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Our journey has been one of continuous progress, allowing us to meet the diverse demands of each customer effortlessly.

At HIGER, we understand that the revolution of technology and service is boundless. It reminds us that there is always more to learn and achieve in order to become one of the excellent brands, just like YKK, RIRI, IDEAL, SAB, SBS, Talon and others. As we aim to position ourselves among these renowned brands, we strive to set the standard for creativity and innovation in garment accessories.

Our range of products, including Zipper Type, Button Fastener, Hardware Labels, Rubber Patches, and more, cater to various scenes, from exquisite Apparels and chic Bags to stylish Shoes and elegant Home textiles. Each accessory embodies our dedication to innovation and quality, enhancing the charm and functionality of these products.

As we march forward, the spirit of “Xu Huai Ruo Gu” guides us, reminding us to remain open-minded and receptive to the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction propels us towards the realization of our vision – to become a leading global brand that not only stands shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants but also continues to attract attention and interest from a wide range of customers in search of exceptional garment accessories.


HIGER is a one-stop destination offering full-range zippers for global brands which are widely used in garment , shoes, bags, luggage and home textile etc.


Quick-supply global market with: Premium and Cost-effective products.


Become one of the first-class brands trusted by global customers;
Become a benchmark enterprise supported by employees.









Higer Zipper Values


1 – Smooth & Efficient Communication:

  • Our foreign sales/CS team has 15 year鈥檚 experience in exporting business;
  • We have served over 20+ well-known global brands as been their nominated supplier;

2 – Development & Design Service:

We have keep collecting & designing popular trims for each brand seasonally and show it in:

  • PDF files;
  • Real sample books;
  • Our official website.

3 – Safe Cooperation:

  • We know well that trustworthy and rule-based relationship is the key to long-term cooperation. Once cooperative relationship is established. All your designs and private info will be protected.

4 – Full-Range Products Supply :

  • We can manufacture and supply over 90% of the widely used zipper products in market. Almost cover all fields in garment , shoes, bags, luggage and home textile etc.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable products have been in our supply list since 2017;

5 – Quality Guarantee:

  • Internal test for each bulk production;
  • Submit full series products to be tested in the 3rd authorized party every year.

6 – Competitive Price Guarantee:

Benefiting from:

  1. Upgrading auto production machines;
  2. Efficient internal management system;
  3. Early annual stock purchasing plan of raw materials.

We can now save at least 5% more value than most others for our buyers.

7 – Resonsible Aftersales Service:

When unexpected complaint comes, we will:

  1. Quick response ;
  2. Give solution within 24 hours;
  3. Track the problem solved to the end;
  4. Clarify the responsibility.